Today we are going to learn about Skitto SIM.The main features of skitto is there affordble internet package.You will get lot more then the other with Skitto.In this post we are going to cover this following curse:

  1. What Is Skitto
  2. How to buy Skitto SIM and Price
  3. Where you will get Skitto SIM
  4. Advantage of Skitto SIM
  5. Disadvantage of Skitto SIM

What Is Skitto

Skitto is a SIM card for the student of Bangladesh.This SIM card is provided by GP.Skitto SIM have very speacial Pack.But Skitto is popular because of there internet Pack.They have awesome pack with affordable price.The call rate of skitto SIM is way more better then other.

And the other good news is that,Skitto SIM use the net connection of GP.As we all know GP sim is widely covered in Bangladesh.So,one can get much more better services with skitto.

Where you will get Skitto SIM

You can buy a skitto SIM from any GPC in Banglades.GPC means GP Product care.Or,you can get this from GP castomer care or services center.
REMEMBER,you will not get this from ordinary SIM shop.

How to buy Skitto SIM and Price

The price of Skitto SIM is only 110 taka(BDT).To buy skitto SIM you will need:

  1. 110 Taka(official Price
  2. A copy of NID card or Smart Card
  3. 1 Copy Photo of Passport Size.Phone must have to be Coloured.

Go to the GPC and ask for a Skitto SIM.And they will ask for the following(?) copy.Every things is same like ordinary SIM reg. in Bangladesh.
You will also get 1GB internet package and 10 taka in your SIM.

Advantage of Skitto SIM

As we said before,you will get lot more then ordinary SIM.Let’s see what the advantage of Skitto SIM:

Internet Pack:You can get internet package in very affordable price.I will add a screenshot so that you can see what package they offer.By the way this offer can be different in different SIM.And this package will update without any notice.From the SC. you can see they offer much more the ordinary SIM.


Fourth Genaration Newtork(4G):Skitto SIM is born in 4G.That means you have to to change your sim in 4G.You will get all benefit of 4G from when you buy.

Affordable Callrate Pack:From the SCREENSHOT you can see this SIM have speacial call rate package.If you call Skitto To Skitto then this will charge you 0.50/Minitue.And Skitto to other 0.60/Minitue.As well as all call have 1 Second Paulse.

Disdvantage of Skitto SIM1)Skitto SIM doesnot Support you to know balace,etc by dialing code.To know balance,tarrif,pack,Remaining Internat you have to Use there app.This can be find in Play Store.

2)You cannot rechareg via ordinary Method.You have to dial a speacial code from Recharger Number.Otherwise you have to use your B-Kash and other online payment.
But,the good news is that,All payment are charges free.

Refferel Program

If some one Download Skitto App with your reffer then you will get 512 MB with a validity of 7 Days.And who download with your reffer he/she will get 512 MB/30 days.

My Opinion

If you read this full article ablout skitto.Then you will find only 2 Problem.But they offering great Internet pack.So,I think you should buy one.This can be a perfect solution for internet User.

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