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Top 10 most popular website in the world


Top 10 most popular website.Today day is difficult without website.Let me give you demo why is that for?

You want to buy a phone for you.But how do you know that which phone is best for you?We all know what we have to do.Connect with internet and just search for it.Done only in 2-5 second you will know all the things about mobile.You have to just compare.
Or,You want to visit Goa.But you donot have any relative in there.So where will you stay.You can say,very simple. We will stay in hotel.
But the point is if you go out for a 3 day trip then you have to go in Goa then search for hotel.To find good hotel your half of the day will be wasted.
Instead of that if you search in Internet for hotel in goa then you can compare and easily choose your idal hotel from your home.
Isn’t it great??

Top 10 popular website in the world

popular website
Every day crore of people surf in internet but do you know that which website people used more in every single day??
That is our point. Today we will talk about most popular website in the whole world(Top10).
World most castomar -centric company is Amazon.This website sell more then 600 mmillion of products.Such as Book,homeproduct,electric things.This website also offer movies,videos to its castomar.That’s amazon got the prize of number 1 selling website in all over the USA.Amazon .Amazon have 11 marketplace around the globe.And they have successful to sell more then 3 billion of products every Year.
1 more thing to notice the CEO of Amazon.com is world number 1 rich man.
Amazon is in number 5 popular website in USA and number 10 most popular website in the globe.
QQ.com is China’s largest messaging site.
This site hold the Guinness World of most user of 210 million.
This site also encourage user to play video,music and diries.1.4% of people from USA use this service.
QQ.com is number 9 most popular and useing website around all over the world.
Google.co.in is Indian version of google.Because of huge amount of people and user use google.com from india.That’s why all creadit goes to google.co.in.
You can search entire web or only website using castom search from india.
  • It is number 8 most used website around the world and as it is Indian version so it’s number 1 in India.


Yahoo is stands for

“Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle”

Yahoo.com give us service like search engine ,e-mail,maps and video.Specially it is web portal and search engine.
Yahoo.com is world number 7 most popular website in the world as well as number 7 popular in USA.


Reddit is widely used all over the world.Because it’s a shareing community site.Youtube devloper,Blogger, every one share their link on reddit.

Reddir.com has 550 million monthly visitor.If you like shared content then just thumb up if not thumb down.Just it.

Reddit.com is number 6 popular website in the all world and in number 4 in USA.


Wikipedia is biggest knowledge shareing website.And the tricky part is that if you expert in some subject then you can creat and edit all post around the website.Be assure there are some particular topic that you can’t edit.

But overall Wikipedia.org great website for learning knowledge.

That’s why it is number 5 most visited website.


Baidu.com have there personal adnetwork that is good alternative for adsense and in china.First do you live in china?Then I needn’t tell you that.Because 70% Chinese people use baidu.Is pretty similar like like google.

Baidu is number 1 popular in China and number 4 in Around the globe.

Note that only 1 percent of people visit Baidu.com from USA.


Recently facebook.com released Facebook for developers. So people can monitize there page and earn money from it..Facebook.com has 1.4 billion of active user.all around the world.People chat, share story, emotion along with friends and family.

For plenty of reason facebook.com become the number 3 most widely used website in 2018.


Do you want to know how to make craft or want to enjoy video.Then your popular site is youtube.Not only you,plenty of people are as same as us.

Every single day 5 billion video views from youtube.Every minitue 60 hour withtime video uploaded by people.

That’s why Youtube is second largest website in the world.By the way,80% video are views from outside the usa.


Google.com!Every single day people visit and with the website 3.5 billion time.Every single day.Google have many platform,that we all know.

That’s why Google.com is widely used website in global and United Statute.

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