Need to  run android application on pc??I aam going to tell you how to run android application on pc.

All know Andriod is a OS-oparating system made by Google.If any phone run bye android oparating system then we call it android Mobile.

How to run andriod application on pc

We can play games,run or use apk and many more various features that you can’t even get in Windows Oparating system.You don’t know what  Windows is??

Windows is a oparating system own and devlope by Microsoft Inc. that run most of our computar or laptop.And the others run by other oparating system like Linux.I think that’s quiet make sense.

Sometime you need to run any important application but no charge in mobile,that only support in Android oparating system.So what will you do?Or,you want to play Android games in Computar because of Bigger screen and many more reasons can behind it.

Let’s find out how to run Android application or apk in in PC or Laptop.


There are many way to open or run or use Android application on pc or laptop like using emulator or using website.But what is the easy way?

The Answar is BlueStacks

How to run andriod application on pc

BlueStacks: BlueStacks is a self-contained virtual machine designed to run Android appliication on a Windows or Mac oparating system.Bluestacks have play store pre installed.So without any hassling you can play your favourite games or use your apps in Windows or Mac.And this also don’t need any extra knowledge to use this.Anyone can start from Zero.

How to install BlueStacks in PC?


To install blueStacks is pretty easy.Just go to this Link to downlad the software.Once the download get complete launch it.

When you launch the software you will find set up process screnn.

Make Sure you give access to : 

  1. App store access
  2. Application comunication.
How to run andriod application on pc
Give this access

After that a screen will popup to create a account using GMail.

How to run andriod application on pc
How to run andriod application on pc

Creating a account wil give you access to chat with other user.thats all.You have complete the set up process.

Now you will see andriod emulator running on your pc or laptop.


How to Use BlueStacks to Run Android Apps

Once you complete the process then you see a screen same like yoir andriod phone.all option will be available there.

You have you download some application that you like and install them and enjoy.




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