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Galaxy Note 9:Everythings you Need To Know


Finally Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has landed in the world.We have all the official details about Samsung Galaxy Note 9.To know about all features,price read this article.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samaung launched there new flagship phone.The Galaxy Note 9.It iss announced in New York,US.Galaxy Note 9 has a little change in the design.The phone is look like exactly similar to Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

To identity it I Galaxy Note 9 just look at the size.It have 6.4″ super amoled display.This is the largest note ever.

The finger-Print sensor it set up under the camera.

Galaxy Note 8 VS Galaxy Note 9

Bigger.Galaxy Note 9 bigger the Galaxy Note 8 in every way possible.Bigger screen,Big battery,much storage.

But the main thing is Price.This phone will cost you more then previous note phone.Or,even more then I-Phone X.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9:Full phone specification

Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy Note 9
We will discusse about all features.Therefore,let’s take a look at the features of this phone.
Display 6.4″-inch HD+ (720×1480) Super AMOLED(18:5:9)
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
GPU ARM Mali-G72
Adreno 630(SnapDragon)
Internal Storage 128GB/512GB
Primary Camera (REAR) 12 MP Supar Duel Pixel,f/1.7 or f/1.5
Secondary Camera (REAR) 12 MP, f/2.4,OIS,Telephoto Lens
Front Camera 8 MP, f/1.7,Autofocus
Operating System Android 8.1
Battery 4000 mAh
Non removal
Water Resident Ip-68
Audio Dobly Atom,Stereo Speaker
Color Ocean Blue,midnight black,Metallic Chopper,Levender Purple
Security One Touch Fingerprint
Iris Scanner
Samsung Knox by Samsung
Price Dobly Atom,Stereo Speaker


However,we have an idea about the features of Galaxy Note 9.Let’s discuss about the best features and let along with bad things.


4000 mAh big battery

Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy Note 9
The first thing came in my mind is 4000?It iis 500 mAh big then the Galaxy S9+.
Samsung have to do it because all of their competitor.Huawei and some other company pull up with big battery.Now this smartphone is ready to stay with you full day long.And it is non removal battery.
But the question is how much time it will take to charge?What do you Think About It??Let me know.

1(one) TB of storage In Your Pocket

Another big blow from Sansung is storage.We see 128 of storage in many smartphone.But 512GB or half TB??

This have

Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy Note 9

have a memory of 128 GB.However the other version have a storage capacity of 512 GB.It also support Extarnal SD card upto 512 GB.Therefore,you can carry 1TB of storage in your pocket.

Note:You have to pay $1500 For 512 GB Storage and 8GB of RAM.

New Intelligence Same Camera

Certainly,camera is the best option for many user.Therefore every company is looking at there camera,so they reach those audience.
However,Samsung brags,Galaxy Note 9 have the best camera.For that reason everyone is waiting to test the camera.
If you compare it with previous note 8.You will find out the camera are same.As a result we can say they upgrade there software and add some new features in the camera.
To stay in the battle of smarphoneSamsung added added two main features in there camera.
  1. Al-based scene detection:To pick up the best setting for each different Scene.
  2. Defect Detaction:It will give you a alert when you are talking picture in so blurry. Or, if someone’s eyes is closed.
By the way,while using it we will find out is this really good or bad!!

Smart S-Pen With Bluetooth

Galaxy Note 9
Galaxy Note 9
We see the same S-pen in year and year.But you will see a big Upgrade with Galaxy Note 9.
Now S-Pen can be used to control your Phone.Like,launch app,start music,active camera shutter.Because S-Pen features with:
  1. Blutooth LE
  2. Built in battery in S-Pen.
While docking from Note 9 it gives power to s-pen.By dockin less then a minitue it will give 200 click power to S-pen.
May be,Samsung also release a SDK for third party devloper.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price And Release Date:

The Phone will be available in 24 August in the United State(U.S).
And the pre-Order will be available from 10 August  2018.
512 GB storage and 8 GB ram version will cost you $1249.This price is way more then the other phone.By the way,512 GB version will be available in Samsung.
And AT&T,T-Mobile,U.S cellular.
128 GB storage and 6 GB ram will cost you $999.And this version will be available by certain carriers:
  • Amazon,Best Buy
  • Costco,Sam’s Club
  • Straight Talk Wireless,Target
  • Verizon Wireless,T-Mobile
  • AT&T, US Cellular,Xfinity and From Samsung official.
But,May be this phone can be found by other carriers from different website.

Pre Order Pack

Costly phone!!So,Samsung will give you one of this product if you Pre-Order Galaxy note 9 before 24 August.
  1. Noise cancelling AKG headphone(Original Price $299)
  2. Fortnight Galaxy screen and Fortnight V-bucks.(Original Price  $150)
  3. Both of them for $99. (Original Price $449)
So,if you want to buy order it before 24 August to get extra benefit.
May be,some carriers will give you extra deal separately.
First of all this phone don’t have so much new features.Maybe we will see more while using it.But almost everyone will be hang with there price.

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