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6 Best apps for youtuber|Must have app for youtuber


There are some apps that help to grow your youtube channel.Many of us start with to upload video in youtube with Android mobile.We have make a list of Best apps for youtuber.Every app has there own features that will help you to be a succesfull Youtuber.
There are some besic requirements if you want to be a youtuber.
1)First of all we need a intro video for our channel
2)Then we need a good photo editor to make thumbnail
3)A great video editor and much more.
So,Today we are going to know which app can help to to castomize our channel and help us to be a successful youtuber.

You will get all the apk link in the last of this article.

6 Best apps for youtuber to grow there channel

1–Legend-Animate text in video

Best apps for youtuber
Best apps for youtuber-legend
You will see almost every youtube channel has there own Introduction video,which we called by intro video.
You don’t need to invest any money to make intro video or don’t have to ask somebody to make one for your youtube channel.Because with the help of Legend you can easily make your own,castom intro and outro video very easily.
Just download the app from play store and open the app then you just have to type your youtube channel name..

2–Open camera

Best apps for youtuber
Best apps for youtuber

If you have a camera to record then let it pass.But if you record via Android then it’s for you,even you have a Galaxy s9.
Because in the smartphone there is no options to lock the current exploser or brightness.So it’s always keep running the brightness or hdr to light to dark or dark to right.
But Open Camera provide to to lock brightness and many more so to can record your video without any issue of lighting.

3–Youtag Pro

Youtag pro
YouTag pro-Find video Tag
Every One know how much difficult to SEO a video in youtube.There are no great key research tool available for free.
So to make it easy you can use one trick,just look at others video tag.

How do you do that?

     1)Install Youtag Pro in your smartphone or tablet.
      2)Open the application and put the link of the video(which video tag you want to see)
     3)The application will give you all the tag that used in the speacifiq video.
Additionaly it also show you for which keywords the video ranked.

4–Kinemaster-Video Editing App

kinemaster-video editor
When it comes to edit video in Android then KineMaster is best in it,without a question asked.
Almost all the features available in the app from Video Layer to Chrome-Key.

To edit the video it offer us

  • Unlimited Video layer (only in Mod apk)
  • Chrome Key
  • Color Filter
  • Audio vocal changer
  • Export Upto 2048*1080
  • Unlimited Text

You can download the application from Play Store without any money but to get all the awesome features you can download mod version.Happy Editing.

5–Youtube Creator Studio

YouTube Creator Studio
This app is developed and maintenance by google.We all know Google don’t make dumb thing’s.
And it is official app for the creator of youtube.

What you can do with the app?

  • Track your video view
  • Track or show your estimated earnings
  • Edit video information and show which keyword get you views.
  • Edit thumbnail


6–Better Way To Web

Better way to web
Better way to web-keyword genarator
This application is also used for finding tags of youtube video.But additionaly you can get suggestion for your targeted keyword.
You don’t need to give them any money For this awesome features.This is highly used to rank your video without research keyword.
If you have no time to research then I will say you to use this app.
Download the app and install and open it.

How it works?

  • Open the app and in the input box give your url to find the tag for this video.
  • If you want suggestion on Your KEYWORDS then just type the keywords and hit inter.
  • The app will show to you which tag is relevant for your targeted keyword.

Hope this article based on Best apps for youtuber help you and if any information is missing or if you want to recommen some apps fell free to tell us.

Download Apk from Here!

  1. Here to Download LEGEND-Animate Text in Video
  2. Click Here to Download OPEN CAMERA
  3. Download YouTag-Pro
  4. Press here to download Kinemaster-Video editor
  5. Click here to Download YouTube Creator Studio
  6. Better way to web download link


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